A series of informal expert discussions around a school counselor’s

everyday experiences –

as seen through the lens of a student’s lived experience.


This course will help school counselors observe, inquire about and communicate the early recognition of substance use conditions.

School Counselors will be challenged to develop a nuanced understanding of early patterns of behavior that pose risk.

Introduction Excerpt

Dr. Suzanne Spencer portrait

Dr. Suzanne Spencer

Dr. Spencer is the visionary behind the Master Class, with a passion for schools, kids, families and school professionals. She leads the class as its creator, co-author and narrator.

Teresa Bairos, portrait
Teresa Bairos, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Teresa is the Program Director of LSIS. Her experience and clinical expertise with Families and teens make her a powerful coach, as well as the co-author of the School Counselor Master Class.

Olga Ordonez, portrait
Olga Ordonez, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Olga is a prevention coordinator at Living Skills in the Schools. She delivers prevention education to thousands of kids annually in the classroom. Skilled in Prevention, Intervention and community resources,

Cheri Girtman portrait
Cheri Girtman

Certified School Counselor

School District of Palm Beach County

Cheri Girtman Daniels is a Certified School Counselor with over 17 years of experience. She prides herself on collaborating with schools, families and community organizations to serve students locally.

Stephen Kaplan, portrait
Stephen A. Kaplan, M.A., M.Ed.

Program Planner,

Elementary School Counseling,

School District of Palm Beach County

Stephen has been a school counselor, school-based counseling services director, and district support person for school counselors in Palm Beach County for the last 10 years. He's worked tirelessly to champion this work and ensure its success.

Maxine, parent, portrait
Maxine L.


Since 2012, Maxine has been facilitating family support group meetings. Family support is her passion. 

Dr. Gira, Dean, portrait
Dr. Gira

Dean, Charter High School

Dr. Gira currently serves as the Dean overseeing student discipline at his school. He also works closely with the school's at-risk students.

Danny Z

Prevention Speaker

Danny Z is a prevention speaker for LSIS and has had two years in long term recovery. He speaks to students throughout PBC in grades 5-12.

Syllabus Excerpt

This course is funded by the

Health Council of SouthEast Florida

and the

Florida Department of Health

LSIS As Your Third Place*

We welcome School Counselors to a Third Place, a place in the community that is not home or work, a place where we exchange ideas, relax in each other’s company and build relationships.*

We invite you to think of LSIS as a Third Place.

*Ray Oldenburg, 2016

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